Dan McCool

Wrestling is Life...Dan McCool

Dan McCool grew up in a wrestling hotbed in the state of Iowa and has followed the sport for most of his life. An addictive aspect of the sport came in 1977, when he witnessed a boyhood friend winning a state championship.

He wrote about the sport for 30 years. As a writer for the Des Moines Register, McCool covered wrestling at the high school, collegiate and international level and was respected for his knowledge of the sport and its participants.

For several years he handled the paper's wrestling rankings for high school teams and individuals. Because the state tournament is a must-see event in Iowa, McCool wanted to give
readers some stories about the teams and individuals of a sport that has turned out national champions, Olympic champions and a Nobel Peace Prize winner.

McCool loves to talk about the sport of wrestling. If you'd like a speaker for your next event, give him a shot!


Vets photo courtesy of the IAHSAA